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Sneaking liquor on cruise ships…. its up to you!

have you ever wondered how some people reseal a water bottle?  They do it for various reasons… They make a new drink and would like it to be brand new, never used… they like to sneak different types of drinks into venues such at concerts, cruises, parks.

sneaking liquor on cruise ships

Now there is a way. http://www.newbottlecaps.com.  I can pretty much get any type of bottle cap that you need. You just let me know which bottle style you’re using and we’ll see what we can do.  All bottle caps arent alike. You cant put a aquafina cap on a dasani bottle nowadays because different companies are now using less plastic and the caps may not fit.

so email me at newbottlecaps at gmail.com and lets chat.

what you do with the bottle caps is your own choice. they are a novelty item and can be used in many ways.


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